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Signs You Need An HVAC Replacement

Apr 28th, 2023

On a hot summer day, there's nothing like coming home to enjoy the cool AC, and it can be a serious letdown when your HVAC isn't working correctly. Unfortunately, no matter how well you care for your unit, it will eventually need to be replaced. But how can you tell when it's time?

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7 Signs You Need an HVAC Replacement for Your Home

How to Tell When Your Unit Is Beyond Repair Efforts

On a hot summer day, there's nothing like coming home to enjoy the cool AC, and it can be a serious letdown when your HVAC isn't working correctly. Unfortunately, no matter how well you care for your unit, it will eventually need to be replaced. But how can you tell when it's time?

Several different factors can determine whether you need an HVAC replacement. From odd noises that keep getting louder to an aging unit, we'll look at all the important signs you need to be aware of.

  1. Your AC Only Blows Warm Air
  2. One of the primary reasons you have an HVAC system in your Weber County home is to cool it off when the outside temperature heats up. When your AC stops working and only blows warm air, there's a serious problem.

    The first thing you'll need to do before completing a new AC installation is to have a professional HVAC technician inspect your system. They'll be able to tell you the exact cause behind the system no longer functioning properly and whether AC repair is an option.

  3. Your HVAC System Is More Than 10 Years Old
  4. With proper maintenance, the average lifespan of most HVAC units is 15-17 years. While all the parts are built to be durable, they will slowly break down over time. Many of them are replaceable through repairs; however, there will be a point at which replacement installs are the better option.

    At around ten years, the major components begin to experience the greatest amount of deterioration. However, this can occur earlier, depending on the maintenance and use of the unit. Installing a new unit can positively impact your utility bills - as it will be in better condition and operating more efficiently.

  5. Your HVAC Unit Is Running Overtime
  6. As an HVAC system ages, it will begin to struggle with cooling your home. You'll likely notice it is running longer each time it kicks on. In addition, it will take much longer to cool the indoor temperature and consume more energy.

    You'll want to have an experienced technician inspect the unit to verify that it's not something that can be easily repaired, such as bad coils or a failing blower motor. If those parts are fully functional, you will likely need a new HVAC unit.

  7. Your Utility Bills Continue to Rise
  8. Over the years, your system will slowly become less efficient as it ages. As this happens, your utility bills will increase as it struggles to perform its job. You can expect a loss of 5-10% of its overall efficiency due to normal wear and tear.

    While the summer months will increase your energy bills, you should see similar rates year over year. For example, what you paid this year in August should be similar to what you paid last year in August. If you notice drastic differences, it's time to call in a professional.

  9. You're Spending Significantly More on Repairs
  10. As your system ages, you'll find yourself replacing more and more of the essential parts. As this happens, the cost of repairs will increase. Eventually, you may pay more in repairs over the long run than if you replace the unit.

    Consider the "Rule of 5000." Multiply the cost of the repair by the age of the system, and if it's more than $5,000, it's time to consider a replacement for your home.

  11. You're Experiencing Uneven Temperatures
  12. If you notice your home is always a little too warm or a bit too cold, it could be a sign your HVAC is too old. You'll want to rule out any potential maintenance issues, such as thermostat issues, low fluid levels, and clogged filters.

    Unfortunately, temperature inconsistencies generally indicate a problem with improperly installed ductwork - or a system that is no longer powerful enough to maintain the home's temperature. If you continue struggling with this HVAC, you'll face increased energy bills and an uncomfortable home.

  13. You Notice Strange Smells and Sounds
  14. A fully functional HVAC operates quietly. You shouldn't notice any loud or unsettling noises during normal operation. If you hear sounds like squealing or grinding, you need to call for an inspection immediately.

    In addition, there should never be any strange smells coming from the unit. When you first turn the heat on in the winter, you'll occasionally smell dust heating up. Beyond this, any odd smells like wires burning or mold are cause for immediate concern.

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If it's time to replace your home's HVAC, turn to a company where you truly matter. Here at Absolute Comfort, our goal is to serve, support, and protect our customers, their families, and their investments.

You can guarantee that your HVAC replacement installation will be completed with the highest attention to detail and your comfort as our central focus.

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