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Considering a tankless water heater installation from Absolute Comfort is a smart choice to ensure your home enjoys uninterrupted access to hot water.

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Tankless Water Heater Service

Absolute Comfort is your best choice for reliable tankless water heater service. With various services, including installations, repairs, and maintenance, we ensure your water heating system stays in good condition.

Our skilled technicians are prepared to handle any challenge, from routine checks to urgent system replacements. You can rely on us for all professional tankless water heater solutions.

Absolute Comfort
Tankless Water Heater Services


If your tankless water heater is experiencing issues, Absolute Comfort is here to help with professional tankless water heater repair. Our technicians can quickly diagnose and fix problems to ensure your home has hot water. Whether it's a minor adjustment or a complex fix, we handle repairs with care.


When it’s time for a new water heater, rely on us for tankless water heater replacement. We guide you through choosing the right model that meets your needs and budget. Our technicians guarantee an easy transition to your new, more efficient unit.


Proper tankless water heater installation is key to the capability of your water heater. Our professionals are prepared to set up your system correctly from the start. Experience the benefits of a properly installed tankless water heater that performs reliably year after year.


Extend the lifespan of your tankless water heater with regular tankless water heater maintenance. Our maintenance services include thorough inspections and fine-tuning, ensuring your system doesn’t experience unexpected breakdowns.

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Same Day Tankless Water Heater Solutions

At Absolute Comfort, we understand the urgency of your tankless water heater needs. Unlike other providers who may delay, our team is ready to start your project immediately after contacting us. We arrive promptly, assess your system, and quickly provide the best solutions.

We can complete most repairs on the same day you call. Full installations are typically finished within two days, often within one day. Our dedication to fast HVAC service ensures that you experience uninterrupted comfort at home.

Don’t Risk Getting Left Out In The Cold

Few things are as important to your family as a safe, reliable heating system. Get your furnace system tuned-up today so it’ll be there when you need it. And if you’re having trouble now, contact Absolute Comfort for a lightning-fast response.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about our heating, cooling, or HVAC services? From service details to information about our financing options, warranties, and the innovative technology we use, you'll find valuable insights. If your question isn't answered, please don't hesitate to reach out to us for personalized assistance.

Yes, our heating and cooling products stand out due to their efficient performance and industry-leading warranties. For example, Amana offers lifetime warranty that includes replacing your entire furnace for free if the heat exchanger ever fails.

Yes! Absolute Comfort is dedicated to making sure everyone can enjoy the benefits of a high-quality, professionally installed HVAC system.

To support this commitment, we provide a variety of financing options to ensure you have the system you need without financial burden.

Absolute Comfort proudly serves Weber County, Davis County, Ogden Valley, and other communities along the Wasatch Front. We provide our services to numerous cities in Northern Utah.

For a complete list of service areas, please visit our Service Areas page.

With over 180 Google reviews and a five-star rating, our track record speaks for itself. It's evident that our HVAC customers value our services as much as we value them.

We're honored by our reputation and invite you to discover why we're so highly regarded!

Our 100% satisfaction guarantee is more than an empty promise - it means we stand by our installations. If you're not completely satisfied with your installation and we can't rectify the problem within 12 months of the job, we will return, remove the installed product, and refund your entire payment.

This is our pledge to ensure your absolute comfort and trust.

From the moment you contact us to the completion of the inspection following your installation, we guarantee a seamless and efficient HVAC experience. We conduct a thorough assessment of your entire system to ensure every component functions optimally.

During our service, we meticulously dust, brush, and clean, leaving you with an impeccably tidy HVAC system. Plus, we handle the permit filing post-installation, facilitating a smooth and prompt city inspection process.

Our Customers Love Our Work!

These Are Just a Few of Our Latest Reviews

We are proud to share the glowing feedback from our customers!

Below, you'll find a selection of our most recent reviews. While we could highlight our achievements, we believe the praise from our satisfied customers speaks volumes about the quality and reliability of our service.

  • Mike Gibson

    June 7th 2024 - google
    Jon and Ernesto We’re honest and respectful they did their job well with true diligence
  • Leonard Handy

    June 7th 2024 - google
    This company went above and beyond requirement's Had a new hcac installed very good job. Employees very professional. Recently I came back from the hospital found the house very hot. had a problem with the equipment turned out it was keeping up on maintenance. ( was in hospital n not able to do it) one of the employees came out n helped me fix the problem and how to not to have it recurring again. Came out right away with in 10 minutes. Helped this one arm old man out. Thank you again, very greatful for the help and professionalism
  • Chris-Mindy Blackburn

    May 21st 2024 - google
    The techs are always very professional and friendly. The prices are very fair.
  • aethea Barton

    May 20th 2024 - google
    Brycen is always so professional and helpful. Absolute Comfort is a great business for all your heating and AC needs.
  • Sheyenne Peterson

    May 17th 2024 - google
    Excellent service! Jon goes above and beyond!
  • Susan Wiles

    May 16th 2024 - google
    Had an issue with our ac in our home. Wasn't happy with the company we had been with. Decided to try absolute comfort heating and cooling. From the call we made to set up an appointment to the time the service team got to our home to fix the issue, it was great. Very friendly, helpful employees. Solved our ac issue fast. Give them a try.
  • Robert Mixon

    May 16th 2024 - google
    Professional through and through
  • Lloyd Martinez

    May 3rd 2024 - google
    We recently had a our furnace replaced and AC installed in our mobile home. Kristopher was very detailed in explaining what we were getting into. He broke down each component of the system and even brought samples of what they use in their installs. Out of the 3 quotes we got, Kristopher was the only one who recommended a cheaper AC unit as higher efficiency units have no benefit with the way mobile homes are setup. With thorough research and great explanations by Kristopher, I'm confident that is indeed the case with mobile homes. His estimate was also the cheapest out of the 3 (All 3 included quotes with the same equipment that I ended up going with) and the final price matched the estimate. The install went great as well, Jon and Ernesto were great to work with. They are knowledgeable and got the job done in a reasonable amount of time. After install, Jon gave a great walkthrough and explanation of the whole system. I do want to note. If you're in a mobile home coming from a very old furnace, these newer furnaces have more powerful blower motors and are much louder. Which is out of Absolute Comfort's hands. Overall, the experience was great! I would absolutely recommend Absolute Comfort for your HVAC needs.
  • Barbara Schultz

    April 22nd 2024 - google
    We are very pleased with the product and the installation. The crew that did the job were very professional, and also friendly.
  • Kimberly Girard

    April 12th 2024 - google
    Very happy with this company! Very friendly and professional installers. Highly recommend this company.👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
  • Chris Burns

    April 11th 2024 - google
    Jon and Ernesto were fantastic thank you guys so much
  • Neal B

    April 10th 2024 - google
    From the phone call and initial visit to diagnose the problem, to the installation of my new furnace, this company was top notch all the way. They took the time to address any concerns and they made sure that the furnace was installed to the highest standards. I am absolutely satisfied with Absolute Comfort
  • Irene V

    March 22nd 2024 - google
    I asked Absolute Comfort Heating to come out to give me a free second opinion on some HVAC work that another company recommended. Tony (one of the owners) came the same day and listened to the suggestions offered by the other company. He honestly told me that the savings and equipment life extension that were told to me by the other company were questionable but if I wanted to proceed they would do the work for the same discounted price. He was knowledgeable, explained things clearly and HE WAS HONEST! So honest that he lost a sale. That's amazing.
  • Sam Bushell

    March 21st 2024 - google
    Kristopher and team are absolute professionals. They resolved my issue like it was no big deal. 10/10 will work with them again.
  • Mike McBride

    March 21st 2024 - google
    I will recommend this team of heating and AC pros to all of my friends and family, every time. They are reliable and responsive, truly a company that delivers quality and top-notch service with no surprises. You can expect integrity, honesty, and a deeply knowledgeable and caring staff with Absolute Comfort. I bought a new install, Dual Fuel Amana system (which is an insanely great system for the very reasonable investment required) for my 1945 Bungalow style home that previously only had a boiler and swamp cooler. What a difference! I couldn't be happier.
  • Tyson Thomas

    March 18th 2024 - google
    These guys are amazing, always professional and on time they are very knowledgeable. Gave several recommendations according to budget. they even dealt with my insurance company for me. I highly recommend this company. They’re very great to work with.
  • cindy suvatne

    March 12th 2024 - google
    Awesome customer service! These guys came out on Christmas eve to install a new furnace air conditioner in 2019 and have come out every year to service it. Always great to work with. We appreciate Chris, Tony and Bryson for all their hard work
  • Pilar Caballero

    March 11th 2024 - google
    Quick and courteous service response.
  • Craig Robinson

    March 8th 2024 - google
    I recently had the pleasure of working with Absolute Comfort Heating and Air Conditioning for a furnace replacement, and I am thrilled to share my positive experience with their services. From start to finish, Absolute Comfort exhibited a level of professionalism, expertise, and customer satisfaction that exceeded my expectations. From the moment I reached out to Absolute Comfort, their team was prompt and attentive. They scheduled a convenient appointment for an assessment of my furnace and provided a clear and detailed explanation of the replacement process. Their technician arrived on time and demonstrated a deep understanding of their craft. The installation process was smooth and efficient. The Absolute Comfort team worked diligently to ensure that the replacement was completed with the utmost care and precision. They paid close attention to every detail, ensuring that the new furnace was seamlessly integrated into my home's existing infrastructure. Their attention to detail and commitment to quality were evident throughout the entire process. What truly sets Absolute Comfort apart is the exceptional customer service they provide. The team was friendly, approachable, and always ready to answer any questions or concerns I had. They took the time to explain the features of the new furnace and provided valuable maintenance tips to maximize its efficiency. Their dedication to customer satisfaction is truly commendable. Since the installation, I have noticed a significant improvement in the performance of my heating system. The new furnace operates quietly and effectively, providing consistent warmth throughout my home. I am delighted with the results and grateful to Absolute Comfort for their outstanding workmanship. I highly recommend Absolute Comfort Heating and Air Conditioning for any heating and cooling needs. Their expertise, professionalism, and commitment to customer satisfaction make them a top choice in the industry. Whether it's a furnace replacement or any other HVAC service, you can trust Absolute Comfort to deliver exceptional results.
  • David Ace

    March 8th 2024 - google
    Brycen came by on time, was quick and efficient. Looked everything over and game me all my options. He was friendly and professional.
A Absolute Comfort expert carrying high-quality equipment from a truck.

Trusted Professionals, Quality Care

We pride ourselves on the expertise of our service providers. Our technicians are rigorously trained to be proficient in the latest HVAC technologies and techniques. This ongoing education means whether you need a new installation, a complex repair, or routine maintenance, we are ready to deliver the highest quality service.

With Absolute Comfort, you receive expert care from professionals dedicated to keeping your system running smoothly and your home safe.

Contact Absolute Comfort Heating and Air Conditioning for an Affordable Tankless Water Heater Cost Estimate

At Absolute Comfort, we are proud to be known for our high-quality service, customer satisfaction, and transparent pricing. Our team of reliable professionals is committed to delivering the best solutions for your tankless water heater. We prioritize efficiency and reliability in every project, promising your complete satisfaction.

For more information about our services or to receive a free estimate on your next project, contact us today.

Contact Absolute Comfort Heating and Air Conditioning for an Affordable Tankless Water Heater Cost Estimate

At Absolute Comfort, we are proud to be known for our high-quality service, customer satisfaction, and transparent pricing. Our team of reliable professionals is committed to delivering the best solutions for your tankless water heater. We prioritize efficiency and reliability in every project, promising your complete satisfaction.

For more information about our services or to receive a free estimate on your next project, contact us today.

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